ProSportsTax’s Frequently Asked Questions


"Enjoy the personal touch and results. My foundation and personal tax returns are well taken care of."

-Nate Burleson
Wide Receiver/Return Spec.
Seattle Seahawks

Q - What sets ProSportsTax apart from other CPAs?
A - First and foremost, the personal contact we provide is a welcome change for most professional athletes. When you contact us you will speak to a live person and not play a game of phone tag through secretaries and voice mail. We pride ourselves in the personal relationship we develop with our clients.

Q - Why else should I consider ProSportsTax?
A - ProSportsTax works with your agent and financial advisor to create a financial team intent on maximizing your after-tax income. You deserve to keep more of what you've worked so hard to achieve and we will do our best to help you do just that. In the event you require services outside of our abilities, ProSportsTax can immediately put you in touch with leading agents, financial advisors, and a number of ancillary specialists.

Q - What are the fees for a ProSportsTax-prepared tax return?
A - Our rates vary, depending on the type of return being prepared and the number of state and local returns required to be filed. We do our best to keep our costs reasonable and most clients find us to be very competitive in terms of fees.

Q - If I have questions throughout the year will I be billed for short phone calls?
A - No. ProSportsTax does not charge for miscellaneous phone calls throughout the year. We find that educating our clients allows us to help you help us do a better job of tax planning. Obviously if a project comes up that requires substantial time on our part we will charge for that time.

Q - What about providing tax return copies to my lenders and financial advisors?
A - We will, with your approval, provide copies of your tax returns to individuals and entities which require such information. As part of your basic fee we do not individually charge for this service. Please note that your financial information is always kept confidential. ProSportsTax will not release such information without your authorization.

Q - What about audits?
A - If you are audited, ProSportsTax will stand by you to make the whole process as painless as possible.

Q - Does ProSportsTax only specialize in football?
A - Absolutely not. ProSportsTax has experience not only with football, but also with athletes involved in professional baseball, Olympic track and field, and professional golf. We also provide service to a number of coaches at all levels of sport.

Q - Is every professional athlete an employee?
A - No, there are exceptions such as golf. These athletes are treated as self-employed taxpayers and ProSportsTax works with such individuals proactively to minimize taxes. Additionally, endorsement and appearance income is considered to be self-employment income. The overriding majority of professional athletes, however, are treated as employees. This means that athletes in football, baseball, basketball, hockey and various other sports are all viewed by the IRS as belonging to the same basic occupation and therefore all file very similar tax returns.

Q - Can I incorporate to save on income and employment taxes?
A - For a number of reasons it is possible to incorporate for self-employment and endorsement type income, however this is not always the best way to proceed. For earnings received in wages it is simply not possible to incorporate. There is a long list of court cases in favor of the IRS disallowing such arrangements.

Q - What about life after my professional career is over?
A - ProSportsTax is affiliated with Sink, Gordon & Associates, LLP. SGA is a large, local firm which specializes in businesses of all types, sizes and structures. Whatever direction you choose to go after sports, ProSportsTax and SGG can provide you with the accounting and tax services you may require.

Q - What do I do now?
A - Give us a call or send us an e-mail -- we never charge for an initial consultation and welcome the opportunity to visit with you about your particular situation.